Your Goal for the Courage Mission:

Courage is the ability to confront something painful, difficult or dangerous despite having fear.

Courage doesn't always come as a grand gesture like slaying a dragon or saving a life. Most times it comes disguised as ordinary things in our daily lives. But you are a TinySuperhero, and you face your own dragons every single day, and that takes true Courage.

The patch you will earn when you complete the Courage Mission:

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." -Sir Winston Churchill

Follow these 5 steps to complete the Courage Mission and earn your patch!

1. Think about something that requires Courage to do!

Being Courageous is about doing what's right for you. This can be almost anything! Everybody has unique experiences. They like and dislike different things, causing fears to be different. Maybe this is a BIG fear like going in for surgery or learning to walk, or maybe it's a less extreme fear like taking medicine, trying a new food or jumping into a pool for the first time! They all count and help us strengthen our superpower of COURAGE!

2. Gather your Courage, and try your best to face this fear!

You won't always be ready. That's why it is Courageous! It's ok if it takes you a long time. We are so proud of you for even trying!

3. Take a video and post it to social media!

 Don’t forget to wear your cape in your video! Tag us @TinySuperheroes and use #CourageMission

We think this mission will be EXTRA special if our TinySuperheroes could see their whole Squad facing their fears and being Courageous. So, we really want you to share this mission. It is a big accomplishment that you should be proud of! I know we're proud of you! You can post to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.!

(If you are worried about privacy, we totally understand. You can also post a picture of your certificate telling us about this big accomplishment!)

4. Fill out your Certificate of Courage!

Congratulations! We are SO proud of you!
(Put this certificate in your toolbox as a reminder to practice your superpower of Courage.)

Certificate of Courage 

5. Report to HQ!

Way to go! You are truly Courageous! Don't forget to submit your Mission by tapping the blue button below!

ATTENTION: This Mission is no longer free. We do have a free mission every month. Updates can be found at . To purchase this Mission to receive the patch, go to

Meet Super Jojo!

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Superpower: Courage

Super Joseph and his twin sister, Super Jessica were born at 36 weeks. Super Jessica came home after a 3 week NICU stay, while Super Joseph spent the first 4 1/2 months of his life in the NICU after developing a bruise and blood clot at 7 days old. This eventually lead to his double amputation at 6 weeks old. Super Joseph doesn’t let his difference define him, though! He proudly displays his TinySuperheroes themed prosthetic legs while defying all odds and expectations! With Super Jessica by his side, nothing can stop this dynamic duo!

Check out Super Jojo being Courageous!  

(ATTENTION: This Mission is no longer free, but you can find the free mission at )

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