TinySuperheroes Ambassadors: Discovering our superpowers while raising TinySuperheroes.
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Dear Grown-Up,

Hi! This is Robyn, founder of TinySuperheroes. This year, our Squad opened my eyes to something. It was something I knew but I didn't know. (Hopefully you can hear the emphasis, otherwise that sentence makes no sense.)

Since starting TinySuperheroes I have been driven by the strength, beauty, courage and hope that pours out of each and every child on our Squad. I have seen them be overlooked, forgotten, pushed aside and stepped on by a world that doesn't take one moment to see their beauty. It's unacceptable and a tragic loss to every community because our TinySuperheroes offer us insight, wisdom, perspective and hope unlike anything else I've encountered in the world. So I embarked on a journey to change it.

I knew you (grown-up) were a vital part of what brings their superpowers to life, but if I'm honest, I was overlooking you. Until now. Because with great clarity, I now see that YOU are an integral part of OUR journey. And while you have set everything aside to counteract all of the obstacles in the way of your TinySuperhero, you too have grown superhero-status courage, strength and hope. You, too have offered me insight, wisdom, perspective and hope unlike anything else I've encountered in the world.

I recently launched the Ambassador Program which is designed for Moms & Ladies who are caring for TinySuperheroes. (We're working on our Dad & Dudes program too!) If you think of the Ambassador Program as a hike, we are at the trailhead. It is already so beautiful, but we will be unveiling spectacular things together as we hike. My hope for this program is to create a safe, non-judgmental space that refuels you in the same way we strive to fuel your TinySuperhero.

If you are interested in embarking on this new journey with us, we would LOVE to have you. We are utilizing a new platform called Mighty Network where you will have access to a private group of other women looking for the same. There we journal together, workshop together, hang out together and now we'll do MISSIONS together!

Yes, that's right! This is the first month of Ambassador Missions and I'm so excited for you to unlock your superpower of strength right alongside your TinySuperhero. This Mission is only available through the Ambassador Program (you get to earn your own Patch, too!)

The Ambassador Program costs $9.99/month and there is a free two-week trial when you sign up.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me at ambassadors@tinysuperheroes.com, but if you're feeling brave, come try it out!

Thanks, as always, for trusting me.

Love, Robyn

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