Your Goal for the Empathy Mission:

Sharpen your superpower of Empathy by practicing connecting with your own emotions with your heart and your mind. By learning to share and connect with our own story, we are better able to listen and connect with others.

Social stories are exceptional tools to prepare someone for an upcoming event or situation. For example Robyn has a surgery coming up, and she is very anxious. Writing a social story with Robyn about what will happen at the hospital allows her to better understand and process her feelings of anxiety. When we understand our own feelings we can better understand the feelings of others.

The patch you will earn when you complete the Empathy Mission:

Message to the TSH Guardians🛡: We all need help sometimes. Some activities might be easier for some and harder for others. But we encourage you and Sidekick Siblings to help! No Superhero can do it alone. Please also feel free to adapt the activity to work best for your TinySuperhero! Plus, you can always send a message to TSHQ, and we would LOVE to help.❤️⚡️🚀

Follow these 5 steps to complete the Empathy Mission and earn your patch!

1. Gather your Supplies!

2. Create your own social story!

A social story is a superhero gadget that helps us express how we feel in a certain social situation. With pictures and short descriptions, we are able to better understand and process our emotions.

You can create your own social story or we have templates for you to choose from! You can write, draw, scribble or paste photos to make your story your own!

Social Story Templates: Doctor
Social Story Template: Friend
Social Story Template: School

3. Share your social story!

Take and post a picture of you and your social story, or share your whole story! If you're up for it, post a video of you or your grown-up reading your social story!

When you share your story you enable someone else to be empathetic. Be sure to read other's stories to practice empathy yourself.

Use hashtag #EmpathyMission and @TinySuperheroes. Make sure to wear your cape in the pictures!

4. Keep your social story in your Toolbox as a reminder of your superpower of Empathy!

You can always return to it when you need help expressing yourself.

5. Report to HQ!

Don't forget to submit your Mission by tapping the red button below!

Report to HQ! 

This Mission will no longer be available after the end of the month. But the good news is that a NEW Mission launches on the first Monday of every month! Find updates at .

After submitting your completed Mission, you will get a claim code to redeem your free patch from our online store!

*International orders will have to pay for shipping.* 

Meet the Super Jaxx!

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Superpower: Empathy
Favorite Things:
Electronics and Singing

Introducing... Super Jaxx! Super Jaxx was born with a heart defect called VSD, but he has the biggest heart full of love! At the age of 4 months, he had open heart surgery to repair the hole which was the hardest fight of his life. With a lot of physical and speech delays, Super Jaxx was diagnosed with Smith Magenius Syndrome (SMS), and when they discovered a deletion of Chromosome 17, Super Jaxx's puzzle finally made sense. Super Jaxx is thriving and growing-up like any other teenager, and he wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up! He has a happy demeanor and works hard to overcome the challenge of handling and expressing his emotions. He loves hugs and is very social, bringing joy wherever he goes!

Your Extraordinary Story - a colorful and templated booklet to help explain your TinySuperhero's story to the world!

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Questions? Send me a message! I can help you complete this month's Mission, check the status of your patch, etc.


Text: 1-256-387-7548

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