"No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


Your Goal for the Kindness Mission:

Paint and hide Kindness rocks!

(Some of you may have done this last year, but you can NEVER spread enough kindness! Plus you will earn a brand NEW patch, sticker, trading card and power up card!) 

The patch you will earn when you complete the Kindness Mission:

Message to the TSH Guardians🛡: We all need help sometimes. Some activities might be easier for some and harder for others. But we encourage you and Sidekick Siblings to help! No Superhero can do it alone. Please also feel free to adapt the activity to work best for your TinySuperhero! Plus, you can always send a message to TSHQ, and we would LOVE to help.❤️⚡️🚀

Follow these 6 steps to complete the Kindness Mission and earn your patch!

1. Gather your supplies!

Supplies: Rocks, Paint, and Markers!

2. Paint your rocks!

You can paint 1 rock, 10 rocks or 100 rocks, and you can paint them however you’d like! The goal of our Kindness Rocks is to make people smile, and I hope it will make you smile while you are painting them!

We have a ton of ideas stored on our Kindness Mission Pinterest Board at: https://pin.it/3BAHTe8

3. Write on the back of your rocks!

When people find your Kindness Rocks, let’s give them an extra boost by introducing them to our TinySuperheroes Squad! Use your Sharpie (or Paint Marker) to add #TSHRocks and @TinySuperheroes. 

You may want to use shellac or clear nail polish to seal them after writing with Sharpie.

4. Hide your rocks!

This part can be so fun! You can hide all of your rocks in one place or spread them throughout the community! You can hide them inside, outside, in plain site or in secret places!  (If you are like Robyn - you can even hand the rocks to new people you meet!)

Don’t forget to put a Kindness Rock for yourself in your Toolbox as a reminder to be Kind to yourself, too! 

5. Take and Post a Picture!

Use hashtag #TSHRocks and @TinySuperheroes. Make sure to wear your cape in the pictures! (If you are worried about privacy, you can take a picture of your rocks!)

Sharing helps to inspire and encourage others. Plus, it strengthens our sense of community!

The Official Facebook Group is a good place to post. Check it out:

Official TSH Facebook Group

6. Report to HQ!

Don't forget to submit your Mission by tapping the purple button below!

Report to HQ! 

This Mission will no longer be available after the end of the month. But the good news is that a NEW Mission launches on the first Monday of every month! Find updates at www.tinysuperheroes.com/patches .

After submitting your completed Mission, you will get a claim code to redeem your free patch from our online store!

*International orders will have to pay for shipping.* 

We do not ship the patches until the end of the month, so please be patient.

Meet Super Xzavier!

Hand-crafted TSH Stones! Real courage, strength and hope are built into these rocks to give you an extra boost!

Check out the Kindness Collection

Questions? Send me a message! I can help you complete this month's Mission, check the status of your patch, etc.

Email: patches@tinysuperheroes.com

Text: 1-256-387-7548

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