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February's Mission

The Monthly Missions are a way for the TinySuperheroes Squad to unlock their superpowers and work together to change the way the world sees disability and illness.

Available at no cost to 30,000+ active participants, the Monthly Missions empower our Squad to create life-long memories and create a sense of accomplishment by completing a monthly activity, or Mission, to earn a Mission Kit, which includes a patch, trading card, sticker and power-up!

A new free Mission is available on the first Monday of every month.

Specialty Patches are a way to personalize your cape! Each TinySuperhero has unique battles and accomplishments, and these Patches help showcase their individual journey!

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Practice your superpowers at any time! Explore the dozens of Past Missions available. These activities are always open and free to use for anyone (including teachers, child-life specialists, therapists, etc.) Tap on any picture to complete that Mission! All Mission Kits (which includes the patch, sticker and trading card) are available to purchase if you would like to show off your accomplishments!

Explore the Past Missions!

The Birthday Program is our primary source of funding for our Patches Program. Every $10 funds a Mission. We want your TinySuperhero's birthday to feel special just like we want your TinySuperhero's life to feel special, so we've created the Birthday Program to support both! By sharing a birthday campaign for your TinySuperhero, you will unlock special opportunities and gifts for them for their birthday and support the Patches Program which empowers our Squad all year long!

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-How do we fund the Patches Program?

The Birthday Program is our primary source of funding for our Patches Program. Learn more here: https://missions.tinysuperheroes.com/birthday-launch/

If you prefer, you can also choose to directly support the Patches Program here: https://exp.humanagency.com/e/0elArV8l/share

-Who can participate?

Anyone can participate! TinySuperheroes of all ages and abilities. We also LOVE our Super Sidekicks and want them to participate as well. We encourage grown-ups and Sidekicks to help and adapt the Missions to your TInySuperhero's abilities.

-How do the Monthly Missions work?

1. Unlock Mission - On the first Monday of each month, a new Mission will be available to unlock. Tap the “Unlock Mission” button, then enter your email address to participate!

2. Do Activity - When you unlock your secret Mission, you will receive an email or text to guide you on your Mission! Be as simple or creative as you’d like to complete your Mission! 

3. Report to HQ - When your Mission is complete, you need to report back to HQ!  (HQ is what we call our Headquarters!) Click the “Report to HQ” button to submit your completed Mission and provide a photo! Missions are due on the last day of each month. You will submit one Mission for each child you have participating. If you have 3 kids that complete the Mission, you will submit the form 3 times to ensure everyone gets their Patch and Mission kit!

4. Mission Complete - Your Mission is complete!  We will ship your Mission kit and your patch to wear proudly on your cape!  (The patches can be ironed on by a grown-up, no sewing skills necessary!)  

-Do you need a cape to participate?

No cape required!  TinySuperheroes is a Squad for kids of all abilities.  If your child is overcoming an illness or disability, we would love to get an official cape to them at no cost to you! (Sidekick siblings can get a cape, too!) If you have not done so already, you can nominate them for a cape now at www.TinySuperheroes.com/nominate. While you wait for your cape, we would love for you to start your Missions!

Questions? Send a message to Patches the Dog, your guide along your TinySuperheroes journey.

Email: patches@tinysuperheroes.com

Text: +1 (314) 582-6708