Why TSHQ loves Halloween...

Everyone, no matter your age or ability, can dress up for Halloween. This inclusive mindset is why TinySuperheroes HQ loves Halloween. So, let that superpower of Creativity come out and virtually trick or treat with us! (We will send you a patch!)

The patch you will earn for participating in the costume contest!

On one mystic, magic night,

Jack O' Lanterns glowing bright,

Ghosts and goblins lurking at HQ,

TinySuperheroes yelling BOO!

Follow these 3 steps to earn the 2020 Pumpkin Patch!

1. Dress up and incorporate your cape into your costume!

You can be anything you want in the whole galaxy… Your cape just has to be part of it!

Our records will indicate if you don’t have your cape yet, so don’t worry! You can still participate if you're waiting for your cape. Also, don’t forget to ask if your sidekicks want to participate with you! They can earn their own Pumpkin Patch, too! 

2. Take a picture of you all dressed up!

Whether your costume is spooky, sweet, clever or magical, I am sure you look INCREDIBLE!

Here are some examples from past years to inspire you!

3. Submit your photo to HQ!

Tap the big, orange button!

The deadline to submit to receive a Pumpkin Patch is by the strike of midnight on Halloween! AND the deadline to be eligible to be a finalist for the costume contest is October 28th at 4 pm CT.

Post to social and tag us: @TinySuperheroes and use #TSHCostumeContest

(If you are worried about privacy, we totally understand. You can always wear a mask, strike an unusual pose or be creative!)

Report to HQ! 

(ATTENTION: After submitting your photo, you will get a claim code to redeem your free Pumpkin Patch from our online store! We do not ship the patches until the end of the month, so please be patient.)

The Costume Contest Prizes:

1. Everyone that enters will receive a Pumpkin Patch.

2. Finalists will be determined by judges at TinySuperheroes HQ.

Finalists are determined by creativity, effort and originality! All finalists will receive a prize.

3. We will post a link to a poll on our Facebook Page - The Finalists with the most votes wins the GRAND PRIZE!

Finalists will be announced on October 28th at 4 pm CT, and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Halloween, October 31st at 4 pm CT. So make sure to get your votes in before then!

Check back here and on Facebook for updates!

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Meet 2019's Costume Contest Winner: Super Zayden!

Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Superpowers: Strength and Determination

Introducing the winner of the official 2019 TinySuperheroes Costume Contest... Super Zayden! He is the true definition of a superhero, known for his bravery and courage. Zayden was born a healthy baby but on July 25, 2016, at 6 months old, he became a victim of child abuse - Shaken Baby Syndrome. He suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and was not expected to survive. Super Zayden defies the odds and is an amazing warrior. Some of his diagnoses include: Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, CVI, and Hydrocephalus. However, none of that defines him and his abilities outweigh his disabilities. His family strives to find unique ways to keep him included in fun activities. He is the sweetest boy whose smile will melt anyone's heart and he is a bright light in so many people's lives. Follow his journey at Facebook.com/groups/MiracleZayden.

Meet 2018's Costume Contest Winner: Super Keagan!

Hometown: South Carolina

Superpower: Sweetness

Super Keagan is the epitome of a superhero - brave, confident and kind! Super Keagan has Nevus spots on his body, so his family nick-named him chocolate chip cookie! So, for Halloween, Super Keagan loved sporting his matching cookie outfit - with a cape full of patches to go with it! (Seriously, who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies!) Super Keagan claimed the title of the 2018 Halloween Costume Contest Winner because he totally embraced his superpowers, which is what TinySuperheroes is all about! He even wore his costume to the hospital and visited other kids! How sweet!


(ATTENTION: After reporting to HQ, you will get a claim code to redeem your free Pumpkin Patch from our online store! We do not ship the patches until the end of the month, so please be patient.)

Earn FREE Patch!

Also, check out this month's Mission! We are unlocking our superpower of Happiness!


Questions? We are happy to help!

Email: patches@tinysuperheroes.com

Text: 1-256-387-7548

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